Companies are now providing mobile applications which allow employees to access the company network as well as company data in their mobile or tablet. This has increased the ease of working and also seriously challenged the way how network needs to be administered. Employees nowadays use different mobile, tablets to access the network. The mobile devices and the applications in the devices may be a challenge to the company data and the network. With the current scenario it is important to identify the device and network and isolate it.

mnEYE is Mobile security solution which reduces risk from mobile devices coming to corporate network. The solution consumes different log data. Using the set rules defining the security the solution will show the performance of the network. The solution highlights the risk areas allowing the risk areas to be looked into pro actively, isolating the network or device causing the problem.


  1. Detect all devices in the network
  2. Security & Vulnerability analysis
  3. Monitor & refuse malicious and unwanted access to corporate network
  4. Real time business alerts  delivered on mobile,tab and iPad
  5. Reporting & network  security planning