About this project

This project is about to build an analytic tool which can give insights to Manufacturers on the sales of products and product categories.

Tool should be able to keep track on competition and devise sales strategy.

This solution should help in Improving the product distribution properly. Solution should track and improve channel performances.

The challenge was to analyse the Huge quantity sales data (2million) before it gives proper user-friendly report.

  • Agency

    US Based Analytics Company

  • Services

    End to End design and development of the analytic tool, Dashboard, Product flow design, usability and UI and Dashboard for product manager, sales manager and country head.

  • Brief

    The idea behind the project is to provide insights of manufacturer on the sales of products and product categories. Keeping track on competition and sales strategy was the requirement. The outcomes are quite impressive like tool able to provide the scalable solution to accommodate any future changes and data size and handled 3 times the quantity of data of what it was originally planned.

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