About this project

This project is about to build a mobile application that provides the tool for FMCG and OTC Pharmaceuticals to increase sales.

This application allows sales professionals to securely place orders to major wholesalers. Helps to improve sales professional’s productivity and sales through its custom-built analytics engine.

Throughout the project, we faced some challenges as well such as data security was the major challenge, Live GPS tracking, to trace the sales professional’s order placing status to wholesalers, Multi-country & enterprise, Offline and Low bandwidth were the other challenges.

  • Agency

    A leading CRM Solutions Provider

  • Services

    Android and iOS App to manage sales rep in the field, placing orders to warehouse, Dashboard to track sales, product and sales rep performance and Integration with warehouses to deliver orders.

  • Brief

    DThis app is designed to increase sales for FMCG and OTC Pharmaceuticals. A tool for tracking the sales professionals throughout the order placing status. With this application, sales rep productivity has improved up to 50%. Not only this, the sales also increased by more than 100%. This app also provides the real-time data for sales analytics to understand the sales performance.

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