About this project

This project is about to encourage the consumers to have a habit of mobile payment. Client wanted to give offline mobile payment options to consumers.

This app offers hassle-free solution for day-to-day payment problems at premium spa & salons. It also offers a hassle-free booking experience by coordinating with the service provider and getting the appointment at the time of customer choice.

The project was involved with challenges as well. The challenge was the data. Another challenge was the Back-end integration with payment gateway. The foremost challenge was to run this app in offline, 2g or low net internet connection and to make this app to support across wide range of devices.

  • Agency

    A Leading hospital providing quality care to patients

  • Services

    Solution Architecture & Design, Development & Roll out of product, Payment gateway integration to load money, Analytics to track consumer behavior on loading, spending and transactions, Web Portal, Client Website, CRM Solutions, Customer and Associates mobile.

  • Brief

    This project has initiated the habit of mobile payment and say no to cash or card payment. And it’s quite accepted as mobile payment has a buzz in the market. This project got quite impressive results, firstly got successful conversion from concept to reality. Another benefit is the successful cashless transactions at merchant’s store.

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