About this project

In this project, the client was looking to build a decision support dashboard which can provide the business insights for better business understanding.

This web application should be able to enhance management control and timely strategy validation. Creating a dashboard which allows to see sales and accounting insights, financial and operational health of the company

With this project, challenges were also there like data were generated by different channel and that was not in familiar format. Another challenge was that the data format was frequently changing.

Another challenge was to Manage and maintain huge transactional data records.

  • Agency

    A leading Airline Operating in UK

  • Services

    Intelligent Dash boarding & Reporting engine, consolidated overviews on sales, revenue, finance & operations with roll up –drill down information.

  • Brief

    The idea behind this project, has really improved the sales and business performance for client. Sales has grown by 77% on Y-O-Y basis. It also helped in load factor, which has increased by 74 percent compared to the 70 percent. On time performance has also improved and remains at 91 percent.

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