About this project

This project is about to build a solution to marketplace the serviced apartments owners and end customers.

To build a solution where more than 10,000 service apartments/properties can be handle efficiently, accordingly managing customer requirements and preferences.

Solution should provide online bookings facilities along with managing inventories of apartments is needed to control and running CRM activities properly.

The project idea was quite impressive, now let’s talk about the challenges. The first challenge we faced that there were no defined guidelines to understand business from various hospitality segments. Another challenge was there was no defined Pricing Structure.

  • Agency

    A leading Service Apartment Provider

  • Services

    Consulting and planning the phased roll out of product Development, Testing & Release of Product, B2B/B2C Mobile Apps, CRM Solution and Pricing Engine.

  • Brief

    With this wonderful project concept, the client got benefits. Before this solution there was no proper online booking facility. But this solution made the online booking experience the most easy and simple. Hence, consumer experience got better. Another benefit is that the business process has become efficient & effective. This solution has also helped in increasing sales for client.

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