About this project

This project is about to build a solution which can manage inventories optimally to meet current and near future demands across different stores spread over the country.

The inventory should have managed optimally for various products and their categories across all manufacturers.

The solution should provide the inventory position and should forecast the demand and generate sales trends.

The challenges were to manage large set of data and metro style UI using limited feature of tableau interface.

  • Agency

    A BI Start Up Based Out at USA

  • Services

    Tableau based BI application to help make business decision, product enables deep analysis, with dill down feature giving insights to state/ region/ store levels and solution forecasts the demand and generates sales trends. It gives suggestion on inventory position.

  • Brief

    The idea behind this project is to manage inventories optimally to meet the current and future demands over the country. The various products and categories should be managed optimally across all the manufacturers. With this innovative project, outcomes are impressive. The higher performance to ensure the report. Another outcome is, now page loading takes less than 1 second. Another outcome is that the data aggregation process has improved.

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