About this project

This project is about to gaze the sentiment of people about the company brand and its products using the social media tweets or comments.

The solution should also find the people who can impact the company brand and its product through followers on social media.

This project was involved in to identifying the sentiments and analyse the comments of the consumer on social media. With this idea challenges also involved.

The first challenge was the huge data set of twitter tweets. Another challenge was to judge and analyse the Performance and reliability. And yet challenge was to analyse the accurate data for correct understanding.

  • Agency

    A Dubai Based Serving Telecom Company

  • Services

    Real time sentiment analytics and dashboard to give insights to the tweets (over the world) under various categories.

  • Brief

    The project was sensitive as it was involved the consumer insights about the company brand and its products. The project outcome was like, the project successful conversion of concept to reality. Project delivery completed in 12 weeks. The performance has improved to ensure the report page loading now takes less than 1 second.

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