Digital assistants to make your logistics operations reliable and efficient

The Client offers a technology platform that uses Internet of Things (IoT) and analytical tools to provide logistics-related services across the supply chain.


Rapid savings in transportation cost through IoT-based solutions


  • The client was looking for a partner who can convert the business KPI’s into a digital technology platform using Cloud, IoT, and analytics
  • Wanted a modular technology architecture to align with the needs of logistics provider 
  • Since the IoT devices were installed in the trucks, the data should be continuously collected and uploaded to the cloud, based on network availability


  • Defined the key KPI of the logistics industry and the IoT devices that will be installed in the trucks for data collection
  • Delivered a modular data platform consisting of data from various applications – digital procurement assistant, digital cold chain assistant, digital fuel assistant, digital vehicle optimization assistant, digital vehicle inventory assistant, digital in-premise assistant
  • Enabled auto alerts if a parameter is beyond the defined range e.g. in cold transport trucks an alert is generated if the temperature reaches above a defined limit or real-time monitoring of fuel levels to prevent theft


TriSys Relevance


The real time data from IoT devices in the truck was used to ensure the SLA of the load are met and at the same time the efficiency of logistics operations are improved


The modular technology architecture enabled the platform to scale as more IoT devices get installed in the truck


Reduced migration costs through offshore delivery and 8R delivery model. In addition, the client was able to reduce the total cost of ownership via automation

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