Enabled financial services to agri-value chain stakeholders

The client is building efficacies in food ecosystems by creating a highly scalable food and tech platform that uses data to provide support for everyone involved along the food value chain.


Robust loan origination & management system to improve farmer & food ecosystem efficiency


  • The client was looking for a partner who understands agri-tech business especially the financial challenges of the farmers
  • Wanted to develop an omnichannel loan origination & loan management system
  • Enable in-built automation e.g. auto-scheduling of farmer agents visits, and sync of data from field 
  • Dashboards to ensure the financial KPI’s are maintained


  • Developed a Loan Origination System and Loan Management System for Web and mobile channel
  • Designed a microservices architecture consisting of farmer services, sales services, credit services, and field operations.
  • Enabled dashboards and reports for business KPI’s and regulatory requirements e.g. disbursement status, sales metrics, and form 22A 


TriSys Relevance


The solution has been developed considering finance as the core need of farmers. Now it can be extended to supply chain players, financial regulations and end consumer information to cover the complete food ecosystem


The modular technology architecture is enabling the platform to scale based on the geographic & farmer specific loan requirements


The client has rolled out the application to the 100+ sales team who can work with farmers for their loan applications

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