Mobile Solution to authenticate products across the supply chain to root out counterfeit

The Client is an American technology company that builds trust across supply chains with solutions that emphasize direct engagement and facilitate loyalty programs


Protecting millions of consumers globally against counterfeit 


  • The client wanted a technology platform that allows consumers to ascertain the product authenticity in real-time before they are purchased
  • Use mobile technology to combat counterfeiting and increase brand equity with innovative, consumer-focused product protection
  • The client was looking for a partner who had deep expertise in mobility solutions, security, encryption, and decryption.
  • In addition, the client wanted to use the same platform for targeted marketing solutions


  • We designed a mobile-first verification option for consumers,
  • It had unique codes on products, to message the code back to the client, using either the Mobile App, USSD, SMS channels
  • The service is based on asymmetric encryption, the same technology that powers trillions of dollars in bank transfers and e-commerce worldwide
  • Developed a third-party investigator to map out loop-holes in the supply chain; discover major hubs and outlets where fakes are sold, and make the information available to brand owners to use the intelligence to close out gaps and engage industry regulators


TriSys Relevance


The platform enabled the client to avoid potential brand damage, and support consumers to get their product questions answered, and also use feedback channels for value co-creation


The mobile solution authenticated the unique code in real-time to prevent consumers from purchasing counterfeit products


The client has been able to deploy the solution at several large companies across ten industries and protecting millions of consumers around the world

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